Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Now More Addicted to Craigslist

So I have an obsession. It's called Craigslist. I can spend hours for searching for deals on things I never really needed. However, I've recently been very conflicted between my Craigslist apps and browser applications- is it too much to ask to view previews?

Today, I found the answer: Craigslist Helper. (Alright, I agree, the name is about as boring as the typical Craigslist site but it gets better.)

Users can efficiently preview and zoom through their browser, greatly increasing the efficiency for addicted deal-seekers like myself.

Still needing your social networking fix to be impressed? Check out Keepio, a selling site that emphasizes a community to "sell, share, or swap" with a network of your own friends.

And, hey, there's always a garage sale!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Social Media's Surge: Is It Really Smart?

I referenced an awesome article I found naming the top ten "dum" social things people do. Jay Deragon put together some convincing opinions but the overwhelming comment that stuck with me:

It is becoming apparent that everybody is selling something while nobody is learning anything.

There is such a whirlwind around social networking right now, including a booming job market for those who can successfully deliver a winning strategy.

 Indeed currently shows upwards of 2000% growth for social media jobs. In reality, is our focus to truly engage customers or just get a certain number of "Likes"?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Minor Panic Attack

Sorry for the delay. I am currently trying to refrain from throwing my computer out of the window.

In the past several days, I have run into issues uploading pictures/content. Whatever, no big deal, right?

Well last week I expressed my excitement over my new Facebook Page. And since then I've gotten absolutely no where. So much so that I actually created a new admin account, just to see if I could trick it into doing something. No such luck.

On the upside, I was able to create a pretty snazzy Welcome page for all to see. Still trying to figure out if a bug is preventing it from becoming my landing page though. Got the FB App Networked Blogs, but was unable to add any blogs to it.

How about Liking some other Pages? At this point, I'm just sad signing in and seeing all of these blank areas on the screen. And then, just like Ashton punking Justin, I see this:

I'm posting this before I lose my internet connection and my screen shots are lost. Breath in, breath out...